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Microsoft announces Windows 365

2 August 2021 | Articles | Maarten Rosier

Always looking to push boundaries and break new ground, Microsoft has gone one step further with the announcement of Windows 365.

Unveiled at Inspire, their annual partner event, Windows 365 looks destined to become a pioneering product for corporate end users and IT admins.

But what exactly is Windows 365, can it really transform the PC experience and how can Devoteam Cloudify help get the best out of Microsoft’s latest creation?

The newest addition to Microsoft’s 365 suite, Windows 365 is essentially a service that streams an entire operating system to your device.

The end user takes advantage of the speed, storage space and other elements of the virtual machine or ‘Cloud PC.’ So, your simple device, whether it’s a PC, laptop or even a smartphone, will function with the specs of a far more powerful machine, all the while ensuring a secure environment.

And as long as you have access to an internet connection fast enough to stream a movie, you can use Windows 365.

While ‘desktop as a service’ or DaaS has been done before, it’s never been this good or this easy. The fact that it’s a subscription service means seamless integration into budget and planning. Users can access their cloud PC from any place at any time and pick up where they left off, regardless of the device they use. As a whole, the service is scalable and resilient, bringing unprecedented flexibility and freedom – all of which is a must in order for hybrid workspaces and remote teams to work successfully.

💡 Want to see how Windows 365 works in practice? Use this free interactive Windows 365 Click-Through-Demo.

Why is Windows 365 so groundbreaking?

Windows 365 - infographic - Devoteam Cloudify

There’s no doubt that Microsoft has raised the bar to create a product that’s as timely as it is innovative. As businesses and enterprises pivot towards remote/hybrid working, Microsoft has developed a DaaS that seems tailor-made for the times. Now, with Windows 365, companies have a streamlined solution that enables them to give employees maximum freedom and simplicity for the ideal hybrid workspace, while ensuring optimal performance, security and speed.

Here are some of the standout benefits of Windows 365, for end users, IT admins and enterprises at large.

Use cases for end-users

Enable hybrid workspaces, remote offices and BYOD 

Hybrid workspaces, remote working and BYOD (bring your own device) have been evolving trends for many years now. But in the past 18 months they have become central to businesses and enterprises all around the world. In fact, 73% of employees want flexible remote work options. This means that to attract and retain talent, enterprises need to listen and provide employees with the freedom they desire. Windows 365 helps to do just that. 

Whether working from home, in a cafe, in the office or on the go, with Microsoft’s latest solution, employees can enjoy a new level of simplicity, security and flexibility, optimized for the modern hybrid workspace. Any device can be used, whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet or even smartphone, and the session picks up from where the user left off. What’s more, the end user is free from the hassle and complexity of governing or securing their devices. 

Leverage graphic enhanced VMs 

For users of high-end machines, Windows 365 provides the chance to work in a completely new way. Creatives who work with resource-intensive software such as AutoCAT, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, will now have the ability to stream a powerful operating system onto a basic device, bringing a whole new level of liberty. 

Power and practicality – Windows 365 blends the best of both worlds, combining the specs of high-end computing with the functionality of a lightweight, slimline device, bringing the freedom and flexibility to work wherever and whenever the user wants.  

Use cases for IT admins

Optimize budgets and performance with flexible scaling

Windows 365 enables companies to scale and flex on the fly, giving employees just the right amount of power for the job based on their individual requirements. So, one user might need simple specs for copywriting etc., while another might need a lot more power for a 3D-modelling project, for example. This enables businesses to take control of their operations on a user-by-user basis in order to save money and give each end user an optimal working experience at the same time. And if a user’s requirements change over time? Admins can make simple adjustments to user specs via the admin editor.

Use simplified management for faster on- & off-boarding

For organizations, the ability to forecast and plan budgets is key. Windows 365 simplifies the whole process, giving businesses a top-down view of operations.

From the editor tool, admins can assess and act on everything from Cloud PC to PC round trip time, as well as a performance breakdown score for each machine. This brings centralized control over every cloud PC and every end user’s experience.

This simplified approach to management also remodels the notion of on-boarding and off-boarding. Now, businesses can get consultants and new hires in the loop faster than ever, giving them customized access with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, for employees moving on, off-boarding can be carried out in a simple, secure way, again with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Ensure security amid the rise of hybrid workspaces

Windows 365 had been built on a principle of zero trust architecture. This means the security burden is shifted away from end users – businesses and their employees no longer need to worry about personal devices compromising the network.

Instead, all data is held and regularly backed up within a secure data center with the highest levels of protection. With end-to-end encryption for data at rest and in transit, assistance with network segmentation and multi-factor authentication to verify log in and access attempts, companies can protect their data even as more users work from private devices and remote locations.

Devoteam Cloudify can help implement Windows 365

At Devoteam Cloudify, we specialize in digital transformation and have a lot of experience creating hybrid workspace solutions for enterprises.

Our expert team has already started working on Windows 365 integration for our clients and we are able to meet the distinctive needs of your businesses, providing a full top-down strategy to get the most out of this groundbreaking product. We’re excited to play a key role in helping companies build a new future with Windows 365 and other cloud-based technologies.

Contact us now to see how we can help you deliver a smooth transition to the modern hybrid workspace.