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Why I want to change IT consulting

1 9 August 2021 | Articles | Randulf Grotle


I believe that the evolvement of Cloud Computing have fundamentally changed the way we run and operate IT infrastructure in an Enterprise scenario. As a result of this fundamental change, IT-Consulting need to evolve.

Through my experience from leadership roles with large System Integrators, I learned that traditional sourcing of IT infrastructure often is monolithic, static and leave little room for innovation. As a Data centre Director and Azure lead in Microsoft, I realized that the traditional Microsoft partners mainly were looking at Cloud Computing as “just another data centre” in a way that did not realize the full potential of Microsoft Cloud solutions for Norwegian Enterprises. Then, on a beautiful summer night at a small island at the Norwegian west coast, a business owner and childhood friend of mine challenged me to “do it myself” instead of talking about what I thought everyone else should do.

This started my process of building a new kind of IT-Consulting company.

I was convinced that the Cloud was ready to take on all workloads from every enterprise with a centralized IT operation. The missing piece was the right partner with the right ambition, experience and vision to build and operate a new platform in a pure Cloud environment.

With this in mind, and a bit of luck, I came into contact with Devoteam’s leadership team in Paris and together we decided to build the best cloud transformation company in the business.

Today I believe that Devoteam Cloudify has become this partner for our customers. However, we have barely scratched the surface of how Enterprises could utilize Cloud solutions to become smarter, faster and more agile at a lower price.

  • We believe in being an opinionated partner that share our experience and advice on our best approach to the Cloud journey.
  • We believe in the synergy achieved by working together in partnership with our Customer as opposed to pure delivery projects.
  • We believe that businesses who wish to use technology as a competitive advantage will benefit greatly from standardising on coding their infrastructure as much as possible.
  • We believe in predictability and aim to work at a fixed price, instead of selling consultants at an hourly rate and thereby benefiting from a prolonged project.

Customers are agreeing with our approach and our greatest challenge for the moment is to find the people that share our ambition to change the world of Enterprise IT infrastructure. To do so we are looking for more colleagues, that love to use technology to help customers “do IT better” and having fun while doing so.

If you think this story resonates and you would like to take part in our journey, please reach out to me.